Homeward bound

I'm coming home July 22!!!

Hit a record

Hey there
my week was amazing, in my mission last week we hit a record of baptizing 108 children of God in one week. It is such a blessing to be on my mission right now, and to be a part of this miracle. I love BRAZIL, I will never forget the experiences I have had here on my mission. I love the people here, thank you everyone for all your support and letters. Here in Brazil they do not make guacamole with their avocados, they make shakes, I know that doesn't sound good but you would be surprised they are actually good.

Love, Elder Turner

Still serving in Niteroi

Hello everyone
I am now a district leader with a new companion, his name is Elder Lewis and is from Wenatchee, Washington. We have taught a lot of people and have met a lot, but no one went to church, so that was kind of a bummer. I am loving my mission, President invited us to read the Book of Mormon with him in a month, so ya we got to read fast. It's been two weeks since we have started and I am in Alma, so I think I am doing pretty good. I am feeling the spirit so strong as I read the scriptures, it is amazing. We had Stake Conference this past week, it was a satellite broadcast from the US. Elder D Todd Christofferson and some people from the seventy spoke, along with President Julie Beck. It was pretty good to hear their message. I am so glad Joseph and Stephen are going to church, it makes me so happy to see that the Lord is doing miracles. I am loving every minute of it here in the field, I wish I could stay longer. I know now for myself that this is the only true church of Christ here on earth, I love being a member and a representative of His church.

Guacomole any one?

Um grande abraco (a big hug)

May 17, 2010

Hello, well my head is still hurting, but it is doing a lot better now. I have headaches every now and then but the doctor said that is normal for the next couple days. The funny thing is that I don't remember anything, just waking up in the hospital. I went in to the hospital on Tuesday and left on Saturday. This week was good my companion was able to baptize our investigator without me. I also have two black eyes from my fall, I look pretty funny. Hey Stephen, I saw the pictures of you Eagle Project, nice work bro. I am proud of you for going to church. Love you and miss you

Elder Turner bashed and broken but still kicking

May 13, 2010

Hey there Mom, I am writing this email on the asking of my Mission President. On Tuesday I was playing soccer and slipped and hit my head. I had to go to the hospital, but don't worry mom everything ok, I already did all the exams and did all the medication necessary...everything is A OK Don't worry I'm having a blast here on the mission like always. You know your son, always trying to be the "bright" one in the group. Love you Mom

April letters

April 12, 2010

Hello, well transfers were last week, I was transferred to a place called Niteroi. It is actually the place that got most damaged by the rain here in Rio, so everything is dirty and muddy still. I was also called as the Zone Leader, more responsibilities, but many blessings. This week went well, my new companion Elder Gardasz and I baptized her name is Vanessa. Well maybe one day we will have sun here again in Rio
Love, Elder Turner

April 19,2010

Hello, My week went well in the beautiful city of Niteroi. I was able to baptize a man named Marcos and a kid named Jao Gabriel. The city is beautiful, I can see the statue of Jesus Christ from my house, the only problem is the road was completely washed out, so we can't drive up there, bummer... a picture from my bedroom window will have to do. Love and miss you all Elder Turner

April 26, 2010

Well this week didn't go as well as i would have liked, no baptisms, it is full serving as the Zone Leader, I never have had to talk to the Mission President on the phone so much. Last week we had a mission counsel in which all the Zone Leaders met together at the Presidents house. We had breakfast, talked about the next Zone Conference, about each Zone and their progress and had lunch there too. It was a pretty cool experience, I love you and miss all of you, thanks for all your support
Elder Turner

Transfer to Niteroi

Hello everybody... I was transferred last week and I am now in a beautiful place called Niteroi. It is actually the place that got most damaged by the rain and mudslides here in Rio. I got here right after a huge rain storm so everything is really dirty and muddy here still but I am doing well. I am now a Zone Leader so whoo, hoo. Last week went well, My Companions name is Elder Gardasz and we baptized Vanessa, sorry no picture, our computer doesn't work very well. Niteroi is a very pretty city, I hope to send you some pictures soon. This week we were able to baptize Marcos and Joao Gabriel, the work continues on... Love you and look forward to talking with all of you on Mothers Day. Love, Elder Turner

Still alive as ever

Hello Dad,
Well this week went pretty good, we didn't baptize, but i am studying a lot about the life of Jesus Christ and each time I study my testimony gets stronger and stronger. My shoes and clothes are hanging in there, it is starting to get cold here and I am sure the rains will start coming. I am buying some cologne for all of you, could you put some money in my account, I want to buy a few more things before I come home. Well, that is about all from Brazil, Love you, Elder Turner


I baptized this week,her name is Brenda,she is the daughter of a less active member. She is 9 years old,it was a great experience. I am loving the mission, thanks for everything mom, for your guidance and love. I love you all Love, Elder Turner

Visits from Area President and President of the Seventy

This week was AMAZING,we had a special conference with Elder Rasband, president of the Seventy and President Soares, area President of Brazil. The spirit was really strong, we were all challenged to study the life of Jesus Christ for the next month, with a promise that we will grow closer to the Lord more than ever before. I am growing closer to my Savior as I study about His life in Matthew, Luke, Mark, John and 3 Nephi. It is amazing the spirit that I am feeling as I study His life. I wanted to invite all of you to do the same because I am seeing the difference it is making in my life and my mission. Dad, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I am so grateful for His example of obedience and His love for me. I know that He lives and that He loves me. Thank you for your example in being a great Father.